Discover the Best of Spring in the Shuswap: Top 5 Must-Do Activities

With winter behind us, the arrival of spring brings a sense of rejuvenation and an abundance of opportunities to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. If you find yourself in the stunning

6 Easy Ways You Can Help Support Small Business

Within the CSRD Regional District we are fortunate to boast the success of hundreds of different small businesses. From cafés and bistros to boutiques, salons, health practices, and more, there is a variety of products and services

Shuswap Economic Development Society – Digital Marketing Series

Did you know that 93.8% of Canada’s population uses the internet? That’s over 36 million people! And if we told you that those 36 million users spend an average of 1 hour and 5 minutes per day using social media and more than 6 hours per

The Importance of Supporting Community Spaces in the Shuswap

A major aspect of the Shuswap Economic Development Society’s (SEDS) Strategic Plan involves the enhancement of community spaces. Having functioning community spaces

Shuswap Economic Development Society: A look at the Strategic Plan

“I wake up and ask myself what should I do today? Go fishing? Go golfing? Go skiing? All of it is possible here.”
– Business Roundtable participant on the perks of living in the Shuswap