SEDS x Trilogy Solutions Digital Marketing Series

Shuswap Economic Development Society – Digital Marketing Series

March 31, 2023

Trilogy Solutions

“You can have it all in the Shuswap – some people just don’t know it yet.”

Did you know that 93.8% of Canada’s population uses the internet? That’s over 36 million people! And if we told you that those 36 million users spend an average of 1 hour and 5 minutes per day using social media and more than 6 hours per day using the internet in general, would you believe it?

Well, it’s true! Most Canadians now spend some part of their day on the internet, and because of this, many people have completely changed the ways in which they view, shop, buy, compare, research, and review different places, products, and services. As local businesses and entrepreneurs, it’s important for us to connect with fellow Canadians and meet them where they are – online.

Why Invest in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the term commonly used for online advertising techniques and strategies; it can include any ways in which businesses identify, build, and target audiences or customers through digital channels. But why should we invest time and effort into digital marketing? We should do it because digital marketing can bring several benefits to small and local businesses including lower costs, personalization, national and global reach, and measurable data insights. Let’s explore these further:

  • 1.) Lower Costs

The main reason why digital marketing is exceptionally cost effective is due to measurable data, and the fact that you can determine which channels are performing well and which aren’t. This gives you greater options on how and where you spend your money, saving you from wasting resources and ultimately increasing your ROI.

  • 2.) Personalization

Digital strategies can be especially effective when they are personalized to your audience. Altering the online experience and giving your audience ways in which, they can relate to you, your products, and your brand will create deeper bonds, and greater brand loyalty.

  • 3.) National & Global Reach

Traditional forms of marketing tend to be localized to specific areas and communities, showing the same thing to the same people. Yet digital marketing through global mediums like social media platforms can give you a far greater reach for far less cost. And a bonus for small businesses, is that these same channels have the potential to put you on the same page as major brands, allowing you to compete more fairly.

  • 4.) Measurable Data Insights

The best part about digital marketing is that it is measurable. While we may never be able to tell how many people read our highway signs, we can tell exactly how many people see our social media posts. This allows you to trace accurate results to your marketing efforts and make actionable changes where needed.

But these are not all the benefits. In fact, this is one reason why our Project Team is so passionate about developing marketing and branding strategies for the Shuswap Project Area is because they can bring a positive impact to the community, increasing the sense of local identity and pride, attracting new workers and residents, increasing tourism, and attracting new investment.

Elevate Your Business Series

We know how impactful digital marketing can be, so that’s why we’re partnering with Trilogy Solutions to bring a comprehensive digital marketing series to our local businesses and entrepreneurs! The Elevate Your Business series will focus on all topics from digital marketing to brand identity, social content pillars, Instagram basics, social media marketing, and content marketing. It is a completely free educational workshop that is designed to inform and empower our local businesses to take control of their digital presence and discover tools to aid in online marketing efforts. Simply trade your time for knowledge and learn the ins and outs of digital marketing including specific techniques on how to be successful from true local experts!

Join us for evenings of fun, education and community and watch what happens with your business when you take the time to invest in your marketing.

All sessions will be held at the South Shuswap Library in Blind Bay. Each event will also be broadcast on Zoom for those unable to attend in person.

South Shuswap Library | ORL Branch #1-2425 Golf Course Rd. Blind Bay Market